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The Next Food Network Star...Aarti wins...Did the judges pick the right person?
All 3 finalists had great pilots, but Aarti was more consistent all season long and her food seemed to really impress the judges.
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Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Not in my opinion. Where are they now? A few months after the show, most of these so called food network stars arent even on the air." MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "No.....can belteve that there lsn't a better food cook/host that her!?!" MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 9 months ago
Here's My Take: "BTW,MYT: You should fire the employee that thought up this take!!...If I posted it, my fellow MYTers would & should chastise me!!" MYT
Posted by s. lee | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "no where is she now?" MYT
Posted by godux | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "I wander if that transfers to a successful career at some point. Seems like the food put on the table, and the extras have a longer lasting effect in that business." MYT
Posted by nonnie | 4 years ago
Here's My Take: "There service is the greatest and food is beyond perfect at Red Lobster" MYT
Posted by DP55 | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "big fan of aarti!" MYT
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