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5 Guys Burgers And Fries
Have any of you tried this place? It is incredible. Bascially just like In-N-Out (never thought in a million years I'd say this) but better by a hair. Same minimal menu: burgers, fires, hot dogs, and shakes. Thats it. If you pass one and you are hungry, please stop in. You won't be disappointed.
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Posted by Lex | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Saw one of there new stores by my house. If you guys say it is good, I'll stop in and try it." MYT
Posted by Lex | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Hey guys, finally stopped in and tried it. The burger was real good. Tasty just like you said. The fries were ok. Nothing special. The peanuts were a surprise. They were so busy, so I grabbed a bowl of them until my food came about 10 minutes later. Nice touch. Thx all of you for the recommendation." MYT
Posted by | 6 years ago

Here's My Take: "Niiice, glad you liked it, that's what we're here for. Eat your heart out, Yelp." MYT

Posted by DP55 | 5 years ago

Here's My Take: "For so called fast food burgers and i like the fries cooked in peanut oil!!!" MYT

Posted by tollx26 | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Never had a 5 Guys!!...Was visiting a female friend at the Jersey shore, she mentioned them & BAM!!...Awesome one of the best !!" MYT
Posted by LewDude | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "I like Fuddruckers better but still 5 Guys is very very good." MYT
Posted by Jim Charon | 3 years ago
Here's My Take: "Finally one near where I work so tried it and agree - think I like it better than In-N-Out. I wasn't raised on In-N-Out so it never quite held the place in my heart that I know it does for others, though I do like it. Like 5 Guys a bit more though." MYT
Posted by bchester | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "Agreed, poohkid. 5 guys is fucking good, but I wouldn't go so far to say that it's better than In n out. I grew up on In n out, so it holds a special place in my heart. Lex definitely give it a try." MYT
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 6 years ago

Here's My Take: "Bchester, I do agree with you 100%. I grew up in So Cal so I was raised on in-n-out burgers. They are the BOMB! I just happened to like the burger at 5 guys, a fraction of a percent better. It would be like 99.2% to 99.1%. that is how close I like both of them. They are both at the top of their class. Lex, you have to stop in and try it. I promise you'll enjoy it!" MYT

Posted by asapReps | 6 years ago
Here's My Take: "On the down side, the ones around here keep the temp so low inside they're like a refrigerator. Also, the cajun fries are not worth it. On the plus side, the peanuts are a nice touch, and the burgers are good as well. Overall take is somewhat positive." MYT
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 6 years ago

Here's My Take: "Thx for the response remay! The temp in the one I went to was nice. Not to cold, not to hot. I also really liked the peanuts. Something to munch on while you wait. Nice idea. The thing that makes this place special, IMO, is the burger. It tasted like it came from my bar-b-q. The patty wasn't some pre-made thing. They were hand made, with irregular shapes. The meat was cooked all the way through (something in-n-out has a probem with). The best part is, it was juicy and tender. Most places the meat sucks. Here it is the star. It's worth stopping in for." MYT

Posted by s. lee | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "have not seen one in phoenix. i'll take white castle" MYT
Posted by Go Kings Go!!! | 1 year ago

Here's My Take: "Five Guys is miles ahead of White Castle. IMO, White Castle is just ok. Nothing really stands out about it. I wasn't really impressed. You should try the Five Guys sometime." MYT

Posted by rpcdmu2 | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "I will, never eaten there." MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 1 year ago
Here's My Take: "Dude, I was once at your favorite, Neal & Bob, it was horrible!!" MYT
Posted by rdonlove | 2 years ago
Here's My Take: "The 5 Guys here in El Paso is great. but the MOOYAH Burgers are great, I will have to eat out for a year to decide which one is better." MYT
Posted by TheSportsDude | 2 years ago
Here's My Take: "Did they go to Bobs Burgers to eat?" MYT
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