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Right on Schedule, Chicago
Last Year the Windy city, with some of the toughest gun laws in place, blew away just over two people per day with gun violence (more than we lost in the desert war last year) and things are right on schedule if at least two more are killed today.
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Posted by tollx26 | 16 days ago
Here's My Take: "Must be hot, under that Hood, Lee!!" MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 17 days ago
Here's My Take: "It's pathetic but has been that way, for a loonng time!!" MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 16 days ago
Here's My Take: "Damn, I I had the Chiraq P.D.,plus 750.....Oh well" MYT
Posted by rdonlove | 16 days ago
Here's My Take: "A guy on TV said that the guns coming into Chicago from surrounding states. And the stolen guns end up in Chicago. He was advocating that The government ban all military Non sporting weapons. He said that all weapons with detachable magazines, A stock with a handle. and of course simi autos." MYT
Posted by godux | 16 days ago

Here's My Take: "While the source of the guns is probably correct and I don't really see a use for the semi-auto weapons more gun control is not going to solve their problem. I haven't walked the streets there but imagine most of the problem is from hand guns, most of them stolen. Anybody have better info on that?

The focus has to be on execution of law and significant punishment actually being applied for violation of the laws they already have by both police and some sort of leadership in the neighbor hoods themselves. I'd think they could fill a dumpster or tow with guns if they had something like the stop and frisk law used in NY. There is a reason Chicago has more murders than NY and California, two larger Cities, combined.

I realize the leadership is going to be hard to find. There are a lot of good people living in those places but I don't think many who have the skills and drive that could be applied to solving the problem live there any longer than they have to.

Maybe set up a football stadium and let the gangs have a winner take all war within it. The police could pare the worst of the survivors down a lot easier after that. Just make sure it is not a day the Waste Management is off." MYT

Posted by tollx26 | 4 days ago
Here's My Take: "There were 2 consecutive days last week, without a murder!!" MYT
Posted by rpcdmu2 | 14 days ago
Here's My Take: "Very sad." MYT
Posted by s. lee | 14 days ago
Here's My Take: "great job Chicago now you have 4 more charged with hate crimes.." MYT
Posted by s. lee | 17 days ago
Here's My Take: "Do not go to the south side with the thugs and blacks.." MYT
Posted by godux | 17 days ago

Here's My Take: "I used to live in Park Forest (about 60 years ago) when that town and Levittown were the model communities for the soldiers returning for WWII and other suburbanites. I hear it has changed a bit." MYT

Posted by Van_The_Man | 15 days ago
Here's My Take: "Yes, s.lee, I lived there from 2007 through 2014. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!" MYT
Posted by s. lee | 16 days ago
Here's My Take: "I lived in chi. town for 2 years and got the hell out.." MYT
Posted by godux | 15 days ago

Here's My Take: "That's about how long my parent kept me there ...." MYT

Posted by Van_The_Man | 17 days ago
Here's My Take: "More than a bit." MYT
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