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The paradox continues ..
Once again a majority of the Jewish population continues a pattern about a hundred years old and votes for the Democrat candidate (and I suppose some for the socialist one). I wonder if Obama's action in the UN will be enough to change that for next time.
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Posted by rpcdmu2 | 1 month ago
Here's My Take: "Did not change anything." MYT
Posted by tollx26 | 2 months ago
Here's My Take: "Nah, they're Reps. in the blood....Trump scared them!!" MYT
Posted by rdonlove | 2 months ago
Here's My Take: "I know it's disgusting, I'd bet no they are died in the wool democrats" MYT
Posted by godux | 1 month ago

Here's My Take: "Be interesting to see what they do next time. Most probably vote left because their families were solidly Left (Socialists mostly) when they arrived from Europe in the early days of socialism. TRADITION !!!
I just can't understand why more of them don't see the light now.

The Democratic offers them nothing since the are largely a successful segment of society, and then pulls the rug out from time to time like Brick had our delegate do in the UN." MYT

Posted by s. lee | 2 months ago
Here's My Take: "Really not sure what happens." MYT
Posted by s. lee | 1 month ago
Here's My Take: "I see nothing happened.. go trump" MYT
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