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It's time to make your picks
Predict the winners of all college football bowl games!

Earn points by making correct picks. Go to the REWARDS page to spend your points!
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Posted by Al Metevier |2 months ago
Texans, Seahawks, Steelers, Packers
Posted by tollx26 |1 year ago
34 correct pix was the leader...Congrats to REDPATS!!...great job
Posted by tollx26 |1 year ago
Mac, great all around play!!..That was the best onsides kick play that I've seen!!
Posted by Mike McNeely |1 year ago
Got to say it all fell in place for Bama, how? But looking at SEC vs ACC, my guess is SEC, OK? So roll tide roll by 12, my prediction.
Posted by albymetevier |1 year ago
nope 26/41 for me #338
Posted by Jmyule |1 year ago
33 out of 41....did anyone pick 37 or 38 bowl wins out of 41????
Posted by Al Metevier |1 year ago
my florida teams stink this year & Oregon stinks too.... i would say unfortunately Alabama wins it all
Posted by ChellieMetevier |1 year ago
Oregon stinks this year
Posted by Suixredskins |2 years ago
Oregon's fast pace offence will be the undoing of O.S.U.
Posted by JACKWEST |2 years ago
OREGON blows out flarda tate which is exactly what their going to do against the rules of osu!!!!!!

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